Our values. Precision and reliability.

Particularly in aeronautics manufacturing reliable production is indispensable. For this reason we attach particularly great significance to a precise production process and a high quality end product.

Our core strength is the machining of thin-walled sheet metal components with up to an 8mm wall thickness in solid-state milling attachments. In so doing we concentrate on manufacturing complex multi-axis spherically formed components with a shape which may not be altered during processing. Aside from 3D surface milled components aluminum structural parts are manufactured. In the 5-axis manufacturing procedure precise free-form surfaces can be manufactured with dimensions of up to 8,000 mm in length and 3,500 mm in width.

Furthermore, we have specialized in manufacturing aluminum, carbon fiber and GLARE material (an aluminum alloy and CFRP foil compound) components. For this purpose we utilize our 3D surface milling technology.



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