Innovative System blanking die solutions. Starting from No. 1.

No matter how complex your requirements may be, our innovative system solutions could make your processes simpler. For we demand that our products’ innovative capacity is always aimed at meeting our customers’ expectations for the highest level of efficiency. 

Holding true to this philosophy, we developed our system based on standardized and at the same time unique standard parts for automation and performance enhancement of blanking dies. According to an intelligent building block concept the optimal modular and highly flexible solution is tailored precisely to the customer’s requirements. Every LO-CAT SYSTEMS product is a part of this standardized modular system, yet always retains its particular nature as an invention. In this way our rollers, the Original, occupy an absolutely unique international position. They are supplemented by a comprehensive range of high-quality accessory components. 

Take advantage of these unique system benefits in order to enhance your process reliability and efficiency:

  • Lower tool manufacturing costs in regard to construction, programming, milling and mounting expenses.
  • Individual variation diversity of virtually every application. 
  • Components compatible for use on a worldwide basis. 
  • Quickly implementable and readily interchangeable system parts thanks to the modular building block concept.


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