LO-CAT SYSTEMS consulting solutions. Open to individual requests.

No matter how unique your issue may be, our comprehensive system consultants guide you through it to the optimal solution. For our standard procedure is to stand by you in meeting all your individual demands. To resolve any of your blanking die related matters.

The LO-CAT SYSTEMS system consulting service provides: 

  • Solutions for designing general process chains in tool making. 
  • Integral support during the product development and manufacturing 
  • process.
  • A draft of constructive recommendations and support with problem identification procedures in blanking die construction. 
  • Special individual solutions for LO-CAT SYSTEMS products.
  • With all your blanking die related matters we lend 

individualized assistance:

  • How can difficult to interlace blanks be cleared out of a tool?
  • How can steel metal be optimally stripped off when cutting?
  • How can sheet metal be optimally guided through the tool? 
  • How is it possible for several blanks to be cut using one stroke?
  • How can the cycle time and processing reliability be optimized?

Simply contact us. We would be happy to advise you. And utilize our advantages to achieve your market success: 

  • Constant availability and quick replacement of all products.
  • That “Made in Germany” precision and reliability.
  • Worldwide delivery service.



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