Your career at LO-CAT SYSTEMS. Gaining success jointly.

Our company’s development has been shaped by the values driving forward our LO-CAT SYSTEMS brand:




These values are also used to guide the requirements placed on our motivated teams who wholeheartedly identify themselves with our philosophy. Last but not least the LO-CAT SYSTEMS employees constitute the key to our success.

Thanks to our company’s ongoing expansion we are constantly in search of energetic and committed professional and managerial staff, apprentices and interns or soon-to-be graduates working on their final paper who would like to help shape our success by means of innovative ideas, a high degree of commitment and a passionate focus on quality. In return we have a lot to offer you. As an up-to-date and ambitious employer you will get the opportunity to take part in the constant development of LO-CAT SYSTEMS. Aside from your interesting professional advancement prospects we would provide you an appealing work environment on a cooperative team. We attach particular significance to short decision-making paths and a continuously open dialogue between employees and managerial staff members. This creates confidence, simplifies processes and increases our innovative force.

We have great plans in store. Get on board with us by becoming a part of the LO-CAT SYSTEMS team.



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