Innovative system solutions. Especially for the aeronautics industry.

As an innovative aeronautics industry development partner we provide optimal solutions of the highest quality geared to your specific requirements. Our core strength lies in machining thin-walled sheet metal components in solid state milling attachments. In so doing we concentrate on manufacturing spherically formed parts with a shape that may not be altered during processing. In this regard, as the sole provider in the market, we utilize our innovative 3D surface milling technology. 

An individual consulting concept as well as tailor-made solutions, which are both simple and groundbreaking, make your processes simpler and at the same time more efficient. And in this way they optimize your production process. 

Simple processes are always the best solution, for they indicate speed. Without fail. And by that we mean a head start. To be the first in the market. For this reason our intelligent high-tech solutions are intended continuously to promote your processing efficiency by using the “Time to Market” objective. And for this reason, “Simplifying Processes” should also be understood to be a genuine promise. Promise.



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