Most up-to-date 5-axis simultaneous machining. Unlimited possibilities.

We provide our customers a rational 5-axis finish machining of plastic, compound material (CFRP, RFP), model construction block material (Ureol) and aluminum workpieces. Thanks to the utilization of the most up-to-date 5-axis high-speed milling machines we are able to provide a considerable number of production advantages over a purely 3-axis machine. In this way we can manufacture more complex parts than could possibly be created on a 3-axis machine or, if they could be, then only after multiple setups. Furthermore, machining procedures can be significantly shortened, simpler tools used and a better surface quality achieved. If the positioning axes used to swivel the milling head are not only set in place, but rather simultaneously allowed to move around with the motion of the X, Y and Z-axes, we get a virtually unlimited amount of milling machining possibilities. For this reason we are also able to save time, even while reproducing high-quality free forms and curved surfaces of a cylinder or sphere. 

A unique combination of 5-axis simultaneous machining and precision solid-state devices developed specifically for this make it possible to achieve the highest level of accuracy. By using a specially developed complex spherical component machining strategy we guarantee consistently top-notch quality and reliability at each step of a procedure.



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